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 For more than three decades, The Wedge Newspaper has kept the community informed about new businesses, exciting personalities, local issues and important events in the Greater Rochester area. We’ve expanded our coverage and readership to Monroe and Park Avenues, 12 Corners and Tops Plaza, Village Gate, College Town and Center City. Of course, the newspaper can always be found in area businesses and online at

The Wedge welcomes readers to express their opinions, write articles and submit photographs. Local business who advertise  know the WEDGE GETS READ! An ad in The Wedge Newspaper not only promotes your business but helps to grow our neighborhoods’ economies. Your ad dollars help the South Wedge Planning Committee promote area businesses and non-profits, support our housing program, the South Wedge Farmers Market and South Wedge Victory Gardens.

Any questions? Give us a call today at 585.256.1740, ext. 4 or 585.978.9638, or email

For a look at the current issue The Wedge Newspaper_December_January 2019.

For a complete list of all the archived copies of the Wedge available for download, click here.

For information and rates about advertising, Wedge Ad Rates Form 2018.

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